IFCC Standardization of HbA1c

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The International Federation of Clinical Chemistry Working Group (IFCC-WG) on HbA1c Standardization has developed reference methods for HbA1c analysis. They have established a laboratory network, which includes two reference methods, mass spectroscopy and capillary electrophoresis. Each network laboratory uses prepared mixtures of purified Hemoglobin A1c and HbA0 as calibrators.

The relationship between HbA1c results from the NGSP network (%HbA1c) and the IFCC network (mmol/mol) has been evaluated and a master equation has been developed (NGSP = [0.09148 * IFCC] + 2.152). This relationship will continue to be monitored and any changes will be investigated.  The NGSP certification process, and most important, test results for NGSP-certified methods will not change and will continue to be directly traceable to the DCCT reference and now also the IFCC reference.

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