Updated 8/7/2018

New Certification Criteria beginning in 2019

The NGSP certification criteria will be tightened beginning with January 2019 certifications; the changes are summarized in the table below. Beginning in January 2018, manufacturers and laboratories will have additional information included in their certification reports showing how they performed using the new as well as the current criteria.


Current Certification Criterion

New Certification Criterion (2019)


37 of 40 results within ± 6%

36 of 40 results within ± 5%

Level I Lab

38 of 40 results within ± 6%

37 of 40 results within ± 5%

Level II Lab

37 of 40 results within ± 6%

36 of 40 results within ± 5%

2017 NGSP Meetings

The NGSP Clinical Advisory Committee meeting was held at the 77th annual American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions in San Diego, CA. The NGSP Steering Committee meeting, NGSP/IFCC Manufacturer Forum and the C-peptide Standardization meeting were held in San Diego during the American Association for Clinical Chemistry Annual Scientific Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo. Minutes of these meetings are now posted.